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“I'm Gonna Throw Up”: A woman finds a plastic bag in the bottom of her McFlurry

“I'm Gonna Throw Up”: A woman finds a plastic bag in the bottom of her McFlurry

A Miami woman was left speechless as she removed a garbage bag from her McFlurry, which she claims McDonald's workers left in the bottom of her frozen treat.

“We have no idea what she just found at the bottom of her McFlurry. I'm losing my mind.” […] It was too much on purpose, like [s’il avait été] “Folded small and placed at the bottom,” Kelly Ulmer wrote in a video shared on TikTok last week.

In the photos, which reached more than 1.9 million views on Wednesday, we can see the two friends enjoying the frozen dessert before one of them removed a long plastic bag that an employee of the fast food chain, Fox News, had supposedly left at the bottom, Fox News reported.

The woman behind the camera can be heard saying: “It's literally a garbage bag or something,” before questioning her friend about whether they should take legal action against McDonald's.

In the comments, former employees of the chain suggested that it could be the bag that McFlurry's ice cream mix comes in, or one of the long bags in which the plastic cups are delivered.

Others encouraged the client to press charges, expressing their disgust at the incident.

“Tell me you're back at the restaurant,” one user insisted. Another added: “I'm going to throw up.”

It is unclear whether the two friends contacted McDonald's after the incident, while the restaurant reportedly did not respond to Fox News' request.