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I love Ben Affleck

I love Ben Affleck

Ben AffleckNearly thirty years of professional and romantic relationships that dazzle audiences. In early May 2021, the American press also caught fire after the 48-year-old actor Seen next to his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. According to rumors, the actors have already reconnected, nearly twenty years after their first love affair. the magazine “PeopleShe also revealed that it was Batman’s former translator who took the first step to contacting the singer, after noticing that she was celibate again. After a trip to Montana, the lovebirds are currently reunited in Miami, where they spend all of their free time together.

Aside from the ones he lived (and still does) with Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck’s most famous relationships have been those he had with Gwyneth Paltrow (1998-2000) and Jennifer Garner (2005-2015). With the latter, the actor has stayed in a very good relationship to keep their three children in balance, Violet (15), Serafina (12) and Samuel (9). His ex-wife was also a solid pillar when he had health issues, and he is the one who has been battling alcoholism for decades.

Between 2020 and 2021, Ben Affleck also experienced a strong love affair with Anna de Armas. While rumors speculated about a possible engagement, the actors chose to break up. “She’s the one who broke up. Their relationship was complicated. Anna doesn’t want to be in Los Angeles and this is obviously where Ben should be for his kids,” We slipped intoPeople┬╗January 2021. A short disappointment gave the perfect timing for his reunion with Jennifer Lopez …

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