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Bell Media removed Maripier Morin from its programming

Bell Media removed Maripier Morin from its programming

The inconvenience caused by Marieper Maureen on the movie sets won over Presenter Bell. The company announces the end of the production of the documentary series but why Controversial Actress Starring. In every episode of This TV series, Marieper Morin indulged in a taboo or sensitive topic to expose his inner workings. Filming for the upcoming season has already started.

“After it was first suspended during Marybearer’s withdrawal from public life, production of new episodes of the original Z series resumed a few months ago,” Bell’s communications department said Tuesday. Brief statement.

“After discussions with the production company as well as with Maripier Morin, we decided not to include new episodes from but why In our programs, and thus, to put an end to current production. ”Neither she, Bell Media, nor production company Trinome & Filles wanted to comment further on this statement.

Remember, Maribier Morin has been targeted with multiple allegations of inappropriate behavior, particularly from her former colleagues. Last July, singer Safia Nolin publicly accused her of physically assaulting her. After that, the actress lost almost all of her professional contracts, apologized, and then went on the path of therapy.

duty Have revealed After a few days, his adventures in the setting became popular. One of the sources spoke of a prolific character who regularly speaks vulgar and inappropriate in the workplace. After months of slumping, Maribier Morin opened the door upon his return to the cameras last October.

Then the newspaper Journalism Earlier this spring, it detailed the artistic community’s embarrassment regarding Maribier-Morin’s rehabilitation. Then the latter tried to make adjustments within a clip in the show Everyone is talking about it.

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His nomination for the Artis Gala also sparked a wave of misunderstanding and dissatisfaction within the cultural community and Quebecers. Maribier Morin finally requested that she be removed from the list of artists mentioned at this concert.

Marieper Maureen still stars in the movie Arlit! By Mariloup Wolfe, he is involved in the production of the second series of the show Error, Broadcasting On the Club illico.

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