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How a man won 100 free meals at McDonald's… ChatGPT

How a man won 100 free meals at McDonald's… ChatGPT

“I don't want to harm them, but I have free menus. » A British teenager was able to get almost 100 free meals at McDonald's by skillfully using ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-powered conversational agent. The user, posing as a “millionaire” and podcast host, in a show broadcast on YouTube. Reveals his strategy. BFMTV.

His method consisted of collecting receipts left on tables by customers, which were marked with a unique code. All the codes collected allowed him to open customer satisfaction surveys at McDonald's. Using ChatGPT, he created detailed and persuasive complaints to express his displeasure.

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He was unmasked by a McDonald's near his home

“You write the following request: 'Write me a text describing a terrible experience you (ChatGPT, editor's note) had while ordering a sandwich. It must be under 1,200 characters,'” he said. Internet All Things Arbitration. But if the criticisms weren't bad enough, “we had to make them worse,” he added.

After submitting these false reviews, a restaurant representative contacted her to compensate her dissatisfaction with the free meal vouchers. In about a year, the young man would have successfully reproduced this trick several times, allowing him to obtain about a hundred free meals. However, he was kicked out by the McDonald's restaurant next door to his home, which responded by posting incentives for positive reviews.