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Hot meals ready in three minutes!

Hot meals ready in three minutes!

A new fast food concept is coming to Morrissey’s.

Minute Pizza just started rolling out its vending machines that let you order a hot meal and get it in three minutes, a formula that should meet the restaurant’s needs.

The president of Minute Pizza, Sébastien Manseau, says operating the vending machines is simple.

A menu is displayed on a 65-inch digital screen, which allows you to look through the various options and place your order.

After payment, the machine turns on to cook pizza for example. This will be ready in three minutes, and will be delivered to the customer in a box.

Minutes also offers lunch pizza and subs.

Before you are ready to eat, all meals are prepared in the factory located in Trois-Rivières.

When in line, staff prepare meals which will then be sent to the cold room while they wait to be transported.

“We are able to produce about 10,000 products in one shift per week,” says Mr. Manso.

If demand is stronger than expected, the company will be able to adapt and, for example, add an evening and night shift.

Everything is transported in a refrigerated truck that can hold 1,200 meals.

The driver will then drive around the vending machines three times a day to fill them up.

“In the morning, he’ll fill his lunch and fill his dinner. In the afternoon, he’ll fill up what he sold for dinner at dinner. At the end of the day, he’ll fill up his evening, his night, and his lunch the next day,” says Mr. Manso.

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At a time when restaurants are short on staff and hours are short, this formula fills a need.

It will also allow workers who work unusual hours to be fed.

Some business sectors have even already approached the company to install a vending machine in their establishment.

Among these are factories and the port park.

It was also the company’s intention to target truck drivers as a customer base.

Two of these machines are now available to the public at two service stations in Trois-Rivières.

The first is on Gene-H Boulevard. Kroger, the second on Prairie Street.

By the end of the year, there will be 200 deployed across the county.