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Holiday shopping: 'Three out of five Canadians won't find what they're looking for'

Holiday shopping: ‘Three out of five Canadians won’t find what they’re looking for’

It is a good idea for consumers who are planning to buy Christmas gifts to shop early, otherwise they may run into empty shelves.

The head of KPMG, an organization that studies the complex problems facing Canadians, is warning Quebecers to expect a “storm” in the supply chain.

“Our recent study of 2,000 Canadians shows that three out of five consumers won’t find what they’re looking for,” warned Jerome Tyrion on TVA Nouvelles on Wednesday.

“Will this encourage Canadians to buy products closer to home or Canada?” It might be of interest to this situation.”

To use the bike analogy, this means that the chain is “off” and difficult to reattach. However, there is a positive point to this possible generalized deficiency.

“We know independent chains or dealers who receive and sell their products within a week while waiting for the next container,” says Jerome Therion.

“We see that 85% of business leaders have put the supply chain on the same level as cybersecurity in their priority board. This is still very important.”

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