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Heavy Reality by Catherine DuBois

Heavy Reality by Catherine DuBois

Katherine Dubois' first season in the Women's Professional Hockey League (LPHF) wasn't easy. A real roller coaster of emotions.

Initially a reserve player, the striker hopes she has done enough to convince Montreal to offer her a permanent contract.

In the absence of a farm club, each organization has three reserve players who can receive a 10-day contract, twice during the season, and only in case of injury. In 9 matches out of a possible 24, Dubois has already been called upon to bolster the team on two occasions.

What will happen to him at the end of this second 10-day contract?

That's a lot of change. I don't know a lot of things either. I can't really put myself in the future. I really have to take it one day at a time because there's so much going on that I don't want to start thinking too much either.indicated the main interested party.