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Health: Quebec's occupational health federation shaken by an internal crisis

Health: Quebec’s occupational health federation shaken by an internal crisis

An internal crisis rocks the Quebec Federation of Occupational Health (FIQ), the main nurses’ union in Quebec. Last Friday, union president Nancy Bedard began “a moment of reflection in order to take the necessary distance to make the best decisions for the organization,” as the association’s National Executive Committee noted in a letter to the heads of affiliated unions. and got it duty.

“The Chair will share the conclusions of her reflections as soon as possible,” the National Executive Committee continues in its October 7 letter.

“in thinking”

call him dutyFIQ confirms that its president is currently “in a state of meditation”. “We will not make any further comments on the continuation,” identifies press relations consultant Lilian Cottier.

An extraordinary national assembly is scheduled for Wednesday.

Nancy Bedard’s leadership is in dispute. The FIQ chief was the subject of a motion of censure during a closed session of the National Assembly on October 4. About 60% of delegates voted for it and 40% against it, according to sources consulted duty.

FIQ’s vice president of union organizing and educational animation, Kathleen Bertrand, tendered her resignation the next day, during an executive committee meeting. “Life sometimes takes us in unexpected ways, we must never hesitate to stand up to our values ​​and principles and especially never feel remorse,” the resigned wrote on her Facebook page two days later.

“I am leaving my duties within the FIQ Executive Committee so that I can continue to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself that standing is always the best path to take,” Kathleen Bertrand continued in a public broadcast on Facebook.

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Nancy Bedard was re-elected at the helm of FIQ in June for a second term. She succeeded Regen Laurent, president from 2009 to 2017.

The union representing nurses, nursing assistants and respiratory therapists recently signed a new collective agreement with the Quebec government. According to FIQ, 54% of members voted agreement in principle Presented in June.

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