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Head into the stars

Head into the stars

Since 2011, Discovery of the universe Provides training in astronomy. This Quebec-based educational organization aims to meet the curriculum requirements of every province and territory, including Saskatchewan. On February 13, Discovery of the universe join Outdoor learning store To talk about learning astronomy outdoors.

Julie Bolduc Duval, General ManagerDiscovery of the universe, Hosted virtual presentation. La Québécoise began to stress the importance of teaching science abroad.

“It's really important to me to reconnect people with the sky because we're really disconnected these days. We no longer observe the sky like our ancestors did.”

He added: “We do not know what is happening above our heads. Going out to observe the sky doesn't have to be complicated. You don't need to prepare and have a lot of equipment. You just have to look up. »

Outdoor stargazing also provides a better understanding of cosmic phenomena. The speaker points out that this is how the scientific mind can develop.

Raise your eyes

After her short introduction, Julie Bolduc Duvall presented teaching resources to over one hundred teachers who registered for the webinar.

Shared resources, most of which were created by the administrator, are available on the siteDiscovery of the universe.

Example of an astronomy activity suggested by Discovering the Universe Credit: Discovering the Universe

One such resource is the Teaching Guide Raise your eyes. this is the last Provides activities that specifically encourage learners to look at the sky.

The guide covers basic concepts of astronomy, about the moon, sun, and the movements of the Earth and stars. Activities are suitable for different levels and do not require equipment.

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Solar eclipse in 2024

Julie Bolduc Duvall develops resources based on astronomical news, such as the solar eclipse expected next April.

“On April 8, part of eastern Canada will experience a total eclipse,” she warned. In Saskatchewan, there will be a partial solar eclipse. The next total eclipse in Saskatchewan will be in 2044.

To help teachers explore this phenomenon, Julie Bolduc created Duvall eclipse 101, Another resource too Available on the websiteDiscovery of the universe.

“Many teachers across the country, both in English and French, have difficulty talking about astronomy. It is a very interesting subject, especially for children, but there are very few teachers who have training in this area. So, we are here to help them.” »

Pan-Canadian Program

Although founded in Quebec, Discovery of the universe Accessible throughout Canada. “We reach a lot of people from all governorates,” Al-Falaki says. In general, French speakers outside of Quebec are very interested in our program. We also have participants from Saskatchewan! »

The webinar featured Lauren Markowitz, a guide and translator with Parks Canada, who is always looking for opportunities to learn French vocabulary.

“Being an English speaker who hosts programs in French, I appreciate hearing from an expert who is passionate about her subject in French!” she points out, who works in Prince Albert National Park, where she runs astronomy programs.

“In addition, I would also like to learn new ideas that I can use with children when I talk to them about stars and planets,” the enthusiast adds.

Outdoor learning store It thus aims to create a network of outdoor educators across the country. “It's a charitable social enterprise that provides resources for outdoor education, including equipment and training,” says Lily Paradis, the organization's community relations coordinator. We have more than 60 partners in North America. »

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