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He wants to share his crazy passion for science

Florian Plumbe, of Champagne (Ardèche), a former electronics engineer, has turned out to be a very special profession. It is now a “mad scientist”. without a goal? Attract kids and adults with amazing experiments and teach them about science.

John Simon
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It shows one trial, then another, and another…it just doesn’t stop. Florian Plumbe is above all a science buff. And when he shows his wonders, his eyes light up. The young resident of Champagne decided to embark on a revelation, in a completely original way.

“We do scientific disclosure to entertain and educate”

“I worked for an electronics company for a few years,” says Florian Plumb. “I quickly realized that what I love is training, learning, and making other people learn.”

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Then the idea of ​​retraining was born, why not in education. Then, a post on a social network opens up a world for him: the world of “mad scientists.”

“It is a franchise of 25 people across France, Champenois details. We do scientific publishing for young and old with the aim of entertaining and educating.”

The father of the family was already doing games and experiments with his three children, and he was immediately captivated. After training in Paris and discovery courses, Florian Plumbe was convinced. Then he became Professor Atomics, his stage name. He is now preparing to run recreational centers this summer and the beginning of the school year. It targets the entire Annonay Basin, Valence and surrounding areas.

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“When I get such amazed feedback, it’s a successful day.”

But what is his job? “We organize events in schools, in workshops, at festivals…even on birthdays. We have 600 experiments and a hundred workshops that last about an hour and 30 minutes, the mad scientist lists. The aim is to teach children scientific principles through wonder and play.”

An approach that is especially appreciated by the people of Champagne. “I don’t like leaving children behind complicated explanations. The point is for them to do things, to experiment. They learn much better that way. The method has its own springs. After lighting a fire in his hand without it getting burned, Professor Atomics smiled and said, ‘I’m trying to represent science, that’s it.'” The most important thing. When my reflexes are amazed, it’s a successful day. »

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