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He is walking 1,500 kilometers across Australia in “survival mode”.

He is walking 1,500 kilometers across Australia in “survival mode”.

Leo Ragonneau, originally from Quincy on the Côte-d'Or, this Monday, January 29, completed a 1,500 kilometer journey along the Australian coast from Sydney to Melbourne. “Survival Mode” travel without accommodation and spending money.

He will have walked through the night and covered 102 kilometers to arrive in Melbourne, Australia on the last leg of his journey, this Monday January 29, 2024, at 8 am French time.

Léo Ragoneau, 21, began a 1,500 kilometer walk along the Australian coast from the Sydney Opera House to Melbourne on December 24.

A challenge the young man from Quincey in the Côte-d'Or achieves without shelter but without purchase. For sleeping, a hammock and rain cover make up your gear. “I forgot to take a sweater”Describes the person involved.

I am an adventure lover. I was on a gap year and told myself it was time to do this kind of experience.“, he explains on the phone on the road.

The trip also allowed the young man to meet the countrymen. “For food, I ask people I meet if they can offer me something.He explains. I've slept in people's houses three times, another time on the couch, but the rest are all outdoors.. One way is sometimes in cities or villages, but also in forests, in sparsely populated areas. “When I saw less people, I saved myself some fruit in advanceHe describes. When you don't eat when you're hungry, you get angry quickly and you need to focus on the goal.“.

A journey “in survival mode”, As he describes it, This led him to adapt. “At first I slept in a hammock. Then the mosquitoes bit too much. So I slept on a tarpaulin on the ground for rain.”He describes. Injuries are hard because it's hard not to think about anything when you have them“.

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A journey he narrates on social networks through videos he regularly posts on his Instagram account. He describes the daily life of his adventure, between humor and everyday difficulties. “I wanted to be as open as possible. The videos take a lot of energy, but they keep me in a good mood.”He reveals.

A challenge to Leo Ragono Introduced a kitty For Women's Foundation. It is now topped up to €1,500 “For 1500 Kilometers” and achieved its initial objective. “I wanted a cause that touched me in particular.”He insists.

The young man also says he's thinking about other challenges, particularly the ascent of Mont Blanc, in the year since he got his STABS license. His plans after arriving this Monday? “I don't really have a plan. Maybe stay in Australia to find a job.”, he explains. In mind, the idea is that perhaps other trials can be funded.