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He finds a way to spend the New Year with his mistress

He finds a way to spend the New Year with his mistress


He finds a way to spend the New Year with his mistress

A 35-year-old Australian man has been convicted of falsely claiming he was kidnapped.


The liar faced trial at Wollongong Magistrates Court.

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An Australian man who convinced people he was kidnapped has been sentenced. A lie he concocted to spend New Year’s Eve with his mistress rather than his partner.

On December 31 last year, Paul Ira, 35, from Tapto, in Sydney’s south, told his partner he needed to see a financial specialist. But it is said that he escaped into the arms of his mistress 9News.

Both then sent an SMS to the duped wife saying that Bal Ira had been kidnapped and the kidnappers were demanding a ransom.

Shocked by this, the woman informed the police shortly before midnight. After a massive manhunt, the police found Paul Ira’s car around 10 am. He was inside, with his mistress.

Just 200 hours of work

When confronted by agents, the man said he had been abducted by an “unknown group of individuals from the Middle East.” He was later released. But as the investigation continued and in the face of the agents’ suspicions, Paul Ira admitted that he had discovered everything.

The Australian was tried in Wollongong after being prosecuted for false accusations. The court asserted that his lies cost the taxpayer 200 hours of work or about 25,000 Australian dollars (approximately 14,500 francs).

Paul Ira was eventually ordered to pay back part of these costs of 16,000 Australian dollars (9,400 francs). He is subject to community service which is spread over 3 years. He did so well that he risked jail time.

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