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Harry: Under this condition he will take his children Archie and Lilybet to the United Kingdom

Harry: Under this condition he will take his children Archie and Lilybet to the United Kingdom

After an express trip to London in early February following the announcement of Charles III's cancer, Prince Harry will return to the UK on May 8 to attend a special service in St Paul's to mark his tenth anniversary. Invictus Games. A trip from America without Meghan Markle and her children Archie and Lilibet. Following his departure from the royal family in 2020, the Duke of Sussex is reluctant to return to England with George's cousins ​​Charlotte and Louis as he loses his security service.

However, it turns out telegram, Charles III's youngest son would be willing to return to England with Archie and Lilibet if he overturned a Home Office decision about his right to police protection while on English soil. Otherwise, Prince William's brother wants to avoid risking his family.

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Prince Harry in court: He must repay this substantial amount

Following the loss of his police protection, Prince Harry launched legal proceedings at the High Court in London in 2021 to change his choice of security policies. Unfortunately, on February 28, Judge Peter Lane ruled against Charles III's youngest son, considering the earlier decision. “not irrational” No “tainted by injustice”. A failure that causes great loss to Archie and Lilibet's father. In fact, Meghan Markle's husband will have to pay his lawyers' fees, royalties and the legal costs of the management team to defend public figures targeted by the prince in the case. The total costs thus incurred may be as much as a million pounds sterling. Prince William's brother wasn't the only one who didn't pay, as he stood to lose more than €500,000 to the English taxpayer. The organization spent £514,128 fighting two judicial review applications brought by Prince Harry after his protection status was downgraded. A sum could rise further as the Duke of Sussex intends to continue his appeal against his defeat.

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