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GM Blackhawks resign amid investigation

GM Blackhawks resign amid investigation

The team commissioned Jenner & Block to conduct an independent investigation after two court cases were filed against her: one alleging sexual assault by Bradley Aldrich, then a video specialist, during the team’s flight. Towards the Stanley Cup in 2010, the other from a precedent. The student Aldrich for whom he was convicted of assault in Michigan.

The investigation, which is based on the testimony of 139 witnesses, reveals that Bowman and the group that ran hockey operations in 2010 did not immediately respond after learning of the first player’s allegations against Aldrich.

Blackhawk announced that all of the Hockey Operations division executives who were in their positions that year were no longer part of the organization. And Mexico, the deputy head of that department, is also among the number.

Bowman, Mac Isaac, former president John McDonough, former Bowman assistant Kevin Chiveldive, former general manager of the Winnipeg Jets, former coach Joel Quinville, now captain of the Florida Panthers, and head of mental preparation Jim Gary discussed the allegations against Bradley Aldrich in the spring of 2010, former federal prosecutor Red Shar, head of the investigation concludes, but Nothing happened for three weeksCan we read a report that the CEO of the team, Danny Wirts, describes as annoying.

Note that the name of Marc Bergevin, who was the Blackhawks’ director of player development at the time, does not appear anywhere in the report. Al-Kindi confirmed that his general manager participated in the investigation.

In an official statement, Stan Bowman blamed his then-president John McDonough.

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11 years ago, when I was in my first year as GM, I became aware of possible inappropriate behavior from our video coach towards the player. I immediately informed the then President and CEO, who committed to dealing with this situation. This year I learned that allegations of sexual misconduct were serious. I left it up to my supervisor to handle this situation. Looking back, knowing he didn’t care about it, I regret taking it for granted., Can we read, among other things.

Stan Bowman has been the Hawks’ Managing Director since 2009. He has led them to three Stanley Cups: 2010, 2013 and 2015. Kyle Davidson will replace him on a temporary basis.

The US hockey team has announced that Bowman has resigned as general manager of the US men’s Olympic team at the Beijing Olympics. A replacement will be announced In the near future.

Bradley Aldrich left the Blackhawks at the end of the 2010 season. He went to work at a high school in Michigan, where a second player alleges he was sexually assaulted.

big fine

Separately, the National Hockey League (NHL) announced that the Blackhawks have been fined $2 million for internal procedures and the organization’s inadequate response. Insufficient and too late in dealing with matters relating to the employment of Bradley Aldrich.

In addition, we need to determine whether the league’s imposition of disciplinary action was appropriate for the team’s senior executives at the time, who were specifically mentioned in the report. Four of these people, John McDonough and Jay Blank and to this day, Stan Bowman and Al Mac Isaacs, no longer work for the Chicago Blackhawks or the league. If they wish to re-enter the league, I will request an interview prior to accepting any position associated with an NHL club to determine the appropriate circumstances under which such a scenario might materialize.Commissioner Gary Bateman said.

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Regarding MM. Cheveldayoff and Quenneville, who are currently at the Winnipeg Jets and Florida Panthers, respectively, I plan to have in-person meetings in the near future with these two people to discuss their roles. I will reserve my discretion regarding the next steps, if any, he completed.

Les Repentant Blackhawks

The organization and its leadership at the time were clearly not living up to our own standards or values ​​in dealing with these disturbing incidents, reads a statement from the Blackhawks apologizing to fans, partners and team sponsors. We deeply regret the damage caused to those affected and the lack of a prompt response. As an organization, we offer our sincere apologies to those who have experienced these experiences. We must do better.

Since 2010, we have implemented many positive changes across our organization, particularly over the past year, including a clearer definition of organizational structure, as well as hiring new employees that demonstrate our values ​​and bring better compliance and humanity expertise. Resources, Mental Health and Wellness.

The entire Blackhawk organization participates in an annual mandatory anti-harassment and discrimination training.