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Giselle insults Gerard in front of everyone

Giselle insults Gerard in front of everyone

“Quebec and Canada are Gérard and Giselle.” This morning, Richard Martineau returned to the results of a Leger poll that revealed the divisions between Quebec and Canada over the discussion moderator’s English-language remarks.

An investigation conducted on September 13 shows that nearly 65% ​​of Quebecers find the question “inappropriate” by Chache Corle to Yves François Blanchett, of the Quebec Bloc, during the discussion in English, while 69% of Canadians see that the question was suitable.

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The moderator has been widely criticized in Quebec since she said the bloc’s leader denies racism problems in Quebec. It also described Laws 96 and 21 as “discriminatory”.

“They were married by commitment at the time because it was like, there’s no love,” he says. They realize very quickly that it is not working and that they are staying together for the sake of the children.”

“But there, Giselle insults Gerard in front of everyone. That day, the whole family was there and Gisele said, “Look at Gerard’s idiot, damn he’s my stupid husband, he can’t do anything and he’s a racist on top of that,” adds Richard.

“Gerrard has thought twice before leaving, but there is a lot of trouble.”

Watch Richard Martineau’s entire column in the video above.

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