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General Meetings of Associations of National Orders: SMLH and ANMONM

General Meetings of Associations of National Orders: SMLH and ANMONM

On Wednesday June 21, General Meetings of the Association of Members of the Legion of Honor (SMLH) and the National Association of Members of the National Order of Merit (ANMONM).

About thirty Legionnaires and Companions attended or were represented at this annual meeting, during which members renewed their Board of Directors.

After a three-year term as president of the SMLH Association, Bernard Le Boursicat passed the torch to Mary Guittard. Consul General of France in Australia Mr. Martin Juillard and Marie Guittard congratulated the positive results of Bernard’s decree, despite all the difficulties associated with the pandemic. The entire congregation warmly thanked Bernard for his significant contribution.

New elected committee of SMLH: Mary Guittard, President, David Kent, Vice President, Sabine Duffy, Secretary, François Romanot, Treasurer.

This was followed by the ANMONM General Assembly, during which Mary Gittard, the outgoing President, presented her activity report and outlined future activities common to both associations. A new board elected for a 3-year term: Lynn Dude, President, Philip Maddy, Vice President, Sabine Duffy, Secretary, Chris Perrin, Treasurer and Brian Hillman, Legal Counsel.

All participants warmly thanked Mary Guittard for her exemplary dedication during her last mandates, but also to Denise Guittard, who left the positions of Treasurer of SMLH and Secretary of ANMONM.

Lyn Tuit’s first decision was to appoint the incoming President, Mary Guittard, as Honorary President, a position she has accepted and which will allow the Society to continue to benefit from her intellectual advice but will also help maintain a close relationship between the two Societies.

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Two constructive meetings with warm and friendly handovers.

The Consulate of France invited the participants to an excellent lunch at the “Bouillon L’EntrecĂ´te” restaurant.