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Gears.  This game puts you in the shoes of an astronaut whose ship has crashed on the moon

Gears. This game puts you in the shoes of an astronaut whose ship has crashed on the moon

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In space, no one will hear your screams… (©Illustration Fabien Hisbacq – Actu Occitanie)

“You’re here in A’s shoes An astronaut in distress on the moon. Your goal is to return safely to your base! » This is the playing field of an organized game At Lille Jordaens, in Gers, Thursday, October 12, 2023.

Concept Planet Science Occitanie It was held on the occasion of science festival, It takes place across France from October 6 to 16.

Which object would you choose in space?

“While on a mission to the Moon, a major malfunction forced you to urgently leave the Lunar Module. In case of an emergency, you can collect some accessories that will help you Return to your base in good conditions.” The association continues.

Only here, “some things will be necessary” and others… much less so! It remains not to be mistaken.

Test the vacuum of space by boiling water at 40°C

But this is not the only space-related workshop that will be offered as part of the Science Festival. In reality, Science Villagewhich was installed in L’Isle-Jourdain from October 10 to 13, will also allow you Space vacuum test.

“Space contains so little matter that it can be considered empty. This is an idea that is difficult to realize on Earth, but when we can reproduce this state using a vacuum bell, this gives impressive and amazing experiences,” explains the association. Instant Science.

For example, we can reduce the sound, Inflate the balloon “without” air Or boil water at 40 degrees Celsius…

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Sports events to join the International Space Station

Planète Sciences Occitanie also offers training as an astronaut. Thus, schoolchildren will be able to participate in a fun way Scientific and sporting events inspired by astronaut activities.

Furthermore, awareness will be raised among young people about “the benefits of healthy eating and exercise, inspired by astronauts during their years of training and aboard the International Space Station.”

Elsewhere in Gers

Among other activities offered at the Science Village, we will point out an introduction Underwater biologya workshop on the principle Bike dynamo Or even start doing so Walrus. The festival will also be organized in other municipalities in the Gir region, such as in Osh with a workshop on Animal records Or in Masseube with A Introduction to coding.

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