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Garmin is enriching its event database to improve race planning

Garmin is enriching its event database to improve race planning

Garmin appears to have updated its event functionality. A notification was sent to customers in the Garmin Connect app, and reported by Garmin Connect Wearable gadgets and devicesI suggest using the Enhanced Events Database to find more details. This tool allows you to add verified details of the race or event to your calendar, which you can then use to adjust your training schedule if needed. For example, the Garmin Racer It helps you create a training plan to achieve your fitness goals in time for the event.

Another improvement Garmin made relates to the search function, with additional filters to help you find the right event. New filters let you search for ways to participate, such as in-person or virtual events, as well as searches by type of activity, date, and duration. Garmin also allows you to filter events based on their source, allowing you to view race organizers based on verified sources.

The event database is also associated with services such as AhotoA global calendar of endurance races. You can access the advanced database in the Training and Planning tab (under More) > Races and Events > Find an event. The update is expected to be part of the latest Garmin Connect update, version 4.70 for Android and iOS, which was released a few days ago with bug fixes and performance improvements.

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