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Full Moon: A very rare phenomenon is expected on Sunday [22 août]

Full Moon: A very rare phenomenon is expected on Sunday [22 août]

On Sunday, an extremely rare astronomical phenomenon will light up the sky and color the course of our existence.

What will happen on August 22?

On August 22, 2021 at 10:19 a.m. (Quebec time), the moon will shine brightly. to wink at That’s for JulyThe full moon of August will also occur under the sign of Aquarius. This is a very rare phenomenon in astrology.

At the same time, the sun also brings about an important change. It is entering a new era, giving way to Virgo, a more pragmatic and orderly astrological sign than Leo.

Will the August 22 full moon affect our behavior?

The full moon is always an intense time, as it is an almost complete opposition between the sun and the moon. In astrology, the Sun represents vital energy, deep character, while the Moon personifies feelings and femininity.

On August 22, the stars send us a clear message, by imposing themselves in Aquarius for the second time in a row. So, again, under the influence of this astrological sign, it will unfold next month.

What is the effect of the full moon in Aquarius?

Aquarius is known to break down barriers, conventions, and traditions. With his brilliant creativity, he can reinvent the rules of the game and stand out from the crowd. It is impossible to leave Aquarius in a cage: their need for freedom is deep.

Aquarius is a sign associated with society. With the help of others, in particular, he succeeds in making things happen. So its influence will force us to develop individually, but above all collectively.

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What is the effect of the sun in Virgo during the full moon?

It is no coincidence that the beginning of the school year is in the middle of the Virgo season. This astrological sign is known for its ability to regulate itself. O perfectionist, Virgo will organize our lives.

We may feel a little frustrated with the duality between Aquarius and Virgo. On the one hand, Aquarius needs freedom; On the other hand, Virgo has to fulfill its responsibilities.