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FTQ Solidarity Fund relies on GCM advisors

FTQ Solidarity Fund relies on GCM advisors

Fonds de Solidarité FTQ announced Monday that it is investing in GCM Consultants to help a third generation of shareholders take over the company.

“The transition from one generation of shareholders to another is a huge challenge for a company the size of GCM Advisors. Financial, tax, legal and above all humanitarian issues can be numerous,” explained Peter Rice, Regional Vice President of Fonds régional de Solidarité FTQ Montréal.

Founded in 1994, GCM Consultants provides mechanical reliability consulting services to the industrial sector, helping industries across the country in their digital transformation, their energy transformation and addressing environmental issues.

“Thanks to its world-renowned engineering schools, Quebec can count on an impressive string of engineers. These engineers must have access to long-term capital so that they can realize their dreams here and elsewhere, while helping Quebec face many challenges.” Environmental and Technological in the Years to Come,” emphasized Gilles Paulin, Vice President of Aerospace, Transport and Services (Private Placements and Impact Investment) of Fonds de Solidarité FTQ, to explain this new phase in the partnership that brings together Fonds de Solidarité and GCM since 2019.

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