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From Châteaubriant to Australia, Kimberley's incredible journey

From Châteaubriant to Australia, Kimberley's incredible journey

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11:15 am at Chateaubriand. 9:15pm in Australia. Kimberly Crippoy, Originally from Chatubriant (Lower-Atlantic), in a chamber, 17,073 kilometers from his birthplace.

from the Au pair Saturday, October 7, 2023young lady, Age 22On the other side of the world, tells us about his daily life A telephone exchange Thirty minutes.

Kimberly Grippay from Châteaubriant is an au pair in Australia

“I left Nantes (Lower-Atlantic) alone Thursday, October 5, 2023. It's a choice on my part. “I took a train to Paris before taking a flight to Melbourne,” it begins hasFormer intern at l'Éclaireur de Châteaubriant newspaper, who found this work on a specialized site. “I posted some photos about my background, my interests and myself. About ten families contacted me,” she slips.

“One of them was particularly interested in my profile. We got in touch via SMS in early July 2023. A few days later, we called each other. There was a good relationship. I got positive feedback from them By the end of July 2023. So I ordered my flight ticket Prepared my visa and took health insurance”, Kimberly makes Crippy, Before describing the beginning of his journey:

The trip went well. I thought I was going to be stressed on the flight, but in the end, no. Father and one of his children came to pick me up at the airport. We returned home. I got a good reception. The young woman I look after was waiting for me. Went to town and got my bearings. Everything was done to make sure I was fine.

Kimberly Crippoy

this, Despite the language barrier. “Everybody knows that I don't speak English very well. But it didn't cause any trouble. As the days went by, I acquired the vocabulary,” continues the bachelor in communication verified at a school in Nantes. In September 2023. A month before departure for the land of the kangaroos.

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She left to improve her English

A dream destination for a young woman aiming to improve her English. The reason she left. “I wanted to take the plunge. After a year of work-study, this was the perfect opportunity to put my studies on hold for this adventure. »

A great project, trendy from prison. ” Australia is a country that makes you dream. A lot of French people go there to travel,” confirms a concerned person who works. 25 to 30 hours per week “.

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Her job: take care of four-year-old Hadrian and two-year-old Emilia in the mornings. “I dress them, make them breakfast, and walk them to daycare. »

“Don't worry nobody here”

With these works completed, Castelbriandiz could enjoy his day until 5 p.m. “I go to Melbourne, I go to the beach … and I I try to take English class for an hour a day. Even though I miss my family it is only happiness. »

Always his spare time, She socializes with strangers, all nationalities joined. “Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city. Don't worry anyone here. People are welcoming and always ready to help you.


350 dollars per week

Homecoming, Kimberly Cripboy Calculate the morning For parents. “Then I help cook and I take care Children's bath I read them a story before they go to bed. »

In addition to feeding, housing and cleaning, Kimberly Crippoy is paid $350 per week. “To keep me very busy, improve my English and earn more, I wanted to find additional work. I applied for three offers, but I didn't hear back. »

That's what matters, in the end. Because the young lady has other servants to prepare. Under contract until early April 2024, he plans to take “a road trip to Australia” before returning to France because “there's a lot to see, so you can make the most of being there”, he believes.

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“Speaking English will open doors for me”

At the end of her trip, Kimberly Cribboy will return to France to pursue a master's degree in communications. As a bonus, excellent English level.

I don't know what work I will do in the future, but speaking English will open up opportunities for me abroad. When you travel, most people will speak English. It is important to master it. I would even say that not speaking the language is a burden these days.

Kimberly Crippoy

“Bilingual” as she puts it, she won't be back. “Castelbriantaise is very easy to talk toL “. Because when she came to Australia, she didn't know “how to make a sentence”.

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