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Pere Valdiviso, Australia and Olympic Goal

Pere Valdiviso brought the pedal to Australia. Patel magazine meets him Madrid During P1 The first pedal For an exclusive interview.

Work for exponential growth

Lorenzo Lecky Lopez: Can you introduce yourself, what brought you to Australia and what is your current status in Australia?

Father Valdiviso: “I was born in Pere Valdiviso, Barcelona and have been living between Australia and Barcelona since 2011. In 2015, I had the idea to introduce padel in Australia as there was no club or padel court. Thanks to the World Padel Club, we were able to set up the first club in Sydney and the Gold Coast. In 2017, Padel I decided to create my own company, PADEL IN ONE, dedicated to advising, building and managing clubs.

Lorenzo Lecci Lopez: How is the pedal situation in Australia? How many stadiums and players?

Father Valdiviso: “In Australia, there are now 6 padel clubs (2 in Sydney, 2 in Perth, 1 in Gold Coast and 1 in Melbourne). We are working to open 6 more by the end of this year and growth will be exponential in 2023 and 2024.

Australian Open Springboard

Lorenzo Lecci Lopez: How does it work at the federal level at the moment?

Father Valdiviso: “Last January, we formalized the absorption of the Padel Federation by the Tennis Federation with the aim of achieving strong promotion and rapid growth across the country through the structure of tennis.”

Lorenzo Lecci Lopez: We saw a short film at the Australian Open last year. Will it happen again this year?

Father Valdiviso: “That’s the goal, put in a little more if possible. We’re working hard to ensure that the Australian Open 2023 is well promoted and reaches more people.

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Olympic target: Brisbane 2032

Lorenzo Lecci Lopez: Luigi Carraro says he wants to be at the Olympics in Los Angeles in 2028, but that goal seems elusive. Next up is Brisbane 2032. Could it be Australia’s first ever padel Olympics?

Father Valdiviso: “We know FIP is working towards this and we hope to have padel in 2028, but for us in Australia, in the years to come, we will be fighting for Australian organizations to support padel as an Olympic sport. , Padel in Brisbane for the first time in 2032 is a dream come true.

Lorenzo Lecky Lopez: When will you invite me to cover an event in Australia? (laughs)

Father Valdiviso: “I hope we can have the widest possible coverage of the Australian Open and have people like you working every day for the development of Padel. Just in case, get ready!” (laughs)

From his names we can guess his Spanish and Italian ancestry. Lorenzo is a polyglot with a passion for sports: journalism through profession and events through worship are his two legs. He is Patel Magazine’s International Gentleman. You can often see it in various international competitions and major French events. @eyeofpadel Instagram to see his best padel photos!