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France: Sick singer Françoise Hardy wants to “leave soon and quickly.”

France: Sick singer Françoise Hardy wants to “leave soon and quickly.”

French singer Françoise Hardy, who has been following her for several years due to the consequences of her pharyngeal cancer, is living a “nightmare” and wants to “leave soon and quickly,” according to an interview with the magazine. Paris match Thursday.

translator How do I say goodbye to you?, who is scheduled to celebrate her 80th birthday on January 17, 2024, has already come out in favor of euthanasia several times in recent years. The French government should introduce an end-of-life bill in February.

To the question “What can we wish you?”, the singer answers Paris match: “Leave quickly and quickly, without too many challenges, such as the impossibility of breathing.”

When the magazine asked her about her projects, in the last question, Françoise Hardy said again: “Leave to the other dimension as soon as possible, as quickly as possible and with as little pain as possible.”

“Since my last radiotherapy, I’ve been doing poorly, because my right eye sees everything so blurry and painful. My nose on the same side is blocked all the time,” she explains. “The mouth and the back of the throat are drier. “It’s a nightmare,” she continues.

“Because of the deterioration of my vision, I could no longer read. I couldn’t even watch TV anymore, which, when I watched a good movie, was the best way to disconnect,” lamented the former partner of Jacques Dutronc, with whom she has a son, singer Thomas Dutronc.

Françoise Hardy still recalls her mind “ravaged by disease” and explains that her “55 radiotherapy treatments” made her lose “the memory of very many things.” She also denounces the “lack of balance.”

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The draft law “on the French model for the end of life”, promised Emmanuel Macron, “will be presented in February”, following a ten-year plan on palliative care, as Agnès Fermin Le Boudeau, Minister of Occupational Health, recently announced.

Regarding this text, as was expected and sensitive, the executive branch postponed the deadline several times, which caused great dissatisfaction among supporters of the change in legislation.

After the citizens’ conference on the end of life, in which a majority supported effective assisted dying, Emmanuel Macron asked his ministers for a draft law “before the end of the summer” of 2023.