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Forced resettlement of 200 Florides residents after months of guardianship

After more than seven months of supervision, health authorities decided to move forward with the forcible relocation of about 200 residents of flowers, two residences and CHSLDs where elderly people had been abused and neglected.

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In order to ensure the long-term well-being, health and safety of residents, we have decided to move all residents to other living environments, revealed Jean-Francois Miron, Deputy Director General of the CIUSSS de l’European on Monday. Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal and temporary charge of Floralies Lachine and Floralies LaSalle.

CIUSSS has confirmed that it has “stabilized” the situation in these two CHSLDs since they were placed under conservatorship on September 1, but still considers it necessary to relocate all residents. The organization plans to reveal more details of its plan on Tuesday.

The announcement surprised the Flourdez team, who claimed they only learned of it on Monday morning.

“This situation announced today is very worrying, given the impact of such a move on the accommodation of clients. For many elderly people, Résidences Floralies is the last residence of their lives. They are told today that they will be uprooted against their will, which will dramatically change their life choices.” The directors of the two residences said in a press release.

We added, “This action has proven to be very disappointing after months of hard work to design several reliable recovery plans by the Résidences Floralies team.”

Following the alarming revelations of cases of abuse and neglect last year by TVA Nouvelles, an inquiry confirmed the situation was “unacceptable for users”, in the words of Health and Seniors Minister Sonia Belanger.

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The two institutions serve both as a residence for seniors who have lost independence, and as intermediates and CHSLDs.