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For you Céline – SuperFrancoFête 2023: laughter and tension during rehearsals at the Agora du Port de Québec

For you Céline – SuperFrancoFête 2023: laughter and tension during rehearsals at the Agora du Port de Québec

The pressure to perform is there before every show, but it is most evident when it comes time to pay tribute to the greatest singer in the history of the French-speaking world, Celine Dion.

The performers were all smiles this afternoon at the Agora du Port de Québec during rehearsal for the show For you, Celine, which will be held tomorrow. Despite this relaxed atmosphere, big names such as Mario Pelchat and French singer Iker admitted to feeling some pressure on the eve of this tribute, which is mainly aimed at celebrating the album’s thirtieth anniversary. twoby Celine Dion, the best-selling French album in history.

“she [Céline] “He is still the greatest singer in the French-speaking world,” Mario Pelchat says from the beginning. “No one wants to imitate it, because no one will be able to do it,” says sarcastically, who began his career in the same years as the main party, adding that the goal is “to do justice to the famous songs.”

For Ycare, the French singer with more than 655,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, just knowing that Celine Dion herself might be watching the tribute on TV is enough pressure.

“Just tell me she’s probably watching, so I’m in trouble,” Ycare jokes, though we can sense a grain of truth in what he’s saying. “It represents the soundtrack for several generations,” he praises.

The very definition of a star

“She’s so far away, for all she’s accomplished, but she shines so brightly that she seems within our reach; she’s a real star,” says Ycare, who is clearly honored to be part of tomorrow’s show.

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He was called upon to respond to this assertion by Ycare, and Mario Pelchat seconded him without hesitation.

Mario Pelchat during training.

Alexander Caputo

“Her vocal virtuosity is incomparable and unattainable, and at the same time, she is a simple woman, coming from a humble family,” explains the one who lived her most beautiful moments with the singer during a performance at the late Forum in the 1980s.

It was not difficult to convince the invited artists

Even if going on stage for this show comes under a certain pressure, Isabelle Vivier, artistic director of the festivities surrounding SuperFrancoFête, says that every guest artist immediately seized the opportunity.

“Each artist had a story to tell related to this album,” she said, referring to the artwork two, written by Celine Dion. “Some listened to it in the shower, others while relaxing at home, this album is important,” she shares words with her partner and show director, Jean-François Blé.

the offer For you, Celine It will be presented at the Agora du Port de Québec tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. It will also be broadcast in France, and then around the world. Apart from Mario Pelchat and Ycare, viewers will have the opportunity to see Isabelle Boulay, Cornell and Bruno Pelletier – who also cut the legs of the media with his voice in training – as well as many well-known names from the French-speaking world of the Old Continent.