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Fluoroscopy |  King of rocks

Fluoroscopy | King of rocks

Denmark has a new king. Younger, more “mainstream” and more tattooed. But what does this have to do with Yemen?


Frederick X, January 15


Frederick Andre Henrik Christian, Frederick


55 years old


King of Denmark

Distinctive signs

Continuity, simplicity, running, rock music

Why are we talking about that?

Frederick X became King of Denmark this week. His coronation comes after the sudden abdication of his mother, Margaret II, who announced her departure on December 31, after 52 years of rule, for health reasons. The last Danish king to voluntarily abdicate was King Eric III…in 1146.

A party ensued

Photo by Mads Klaus Rasmussen, AFP archive

Tens of thousands of people cheered for the new king during his coronation.

Tens of thousands of people cheered for the new king and his wife during the ceremony. “It is a responsibility that I bear with respect, pride and a lot of joy,” Frederick said, wiping away some tears. Please note that the inheritance protocol in Denmark is different from that in the United Kingdom. The king wears no crown, does not actually ascend the throne, and no foreign dignitaries are invited.

no discussion

Photograph by Thomas Trusdale, associated press archive

Members of the royal family during Frederik's visit to the Danish Parliament

Even if some activists and political parties advocate for a republic, the Danish royal family has almost universal acceptance, with 90% of the population supporting the monarchy. “It's one of the rare things that all Danes agree on,” political scientist Kasper Müller-Hansen of the University of Copenhagen humorously sums up. Head of state, the monarch has a primarily representative and ceremonial role, but he also issues laws and formally heads the constitution of government.

Different style


Frederick's diary, Congord (King's word), has already become a bestseller in Denmark.

Frederick We can already see this in his mastery of social networks and communication channels. Thus, the new king cut off any media invasion this week by releasing his memoirs, a few days after his “coronation.” Congord (King's word) is already a bestseller in Denmark. “He knows how to attract the audience's attention,” notes Müller-Hansen. Its strategy and communications team is very professional. »

Make mom forget

Photo by Mads Klaus Rasmussen, AFP archive

Frederick succeeded his mother in the person of a popular queen.

Frederick succeeds a popular queen and strictly follows tradition. But that will not prevent it from imposing its tentacles on certain sectors. Her mother was more interested in classical culture, ballet, and literature. “Friedrich will focus more on sports, climate change and more contemporary topics,” says historian Lars Hofback Sørensen, a professor at Absalon University College. The new king also wants to renegotiate agreements with major Danish companies that exploit ownership icons, such as LEGO, Tuborg, Carlsberg, Lurpak and Bang & Olufsen.

About normal

Photograph by Martin Meissner, associated press archive

King Frederick

Frederik and his wife Mary (of Australian descent and the first Queen of Denmark not of nobility) always sought to present the image of an ordinary family. In particular, they can be seen on bicycles, taking their children to school. However, according to experts, it will be difficult for the new king to maintain this normalcy given his high profile in the eyes of the press. the people. “He will have to find the right balance,” stresses Mr. Sorensen. The Danes do not want the royal family to be on a pedestal. But at the same time, he has to maintain a certain distance, to maintain a kind of aura. This will be his biggest challenge. »


Photo by Serge Gapon, Agence France-Presse archive

Denmark is the home country of the owner of the ship Maersk, which has temporarily stopped crossing the Red Sea.

The accession of Frederick X comes at a time when Denmark joins the anti-Houthi coalition led by London and Washington. This week, Copenhagen announced the sending of a frigate to the Red Sea, as well as the participation of a staff officer in planning operations. This decision sparked friction in the Danish parliament, as the opposition questioned the effectiveness of the ship in question (the…ever Huitfeldt), its missiles do not have sufficient range to respond to attacks. “It's not a question of sending a ship, but which ship we send,” sums up Kasper Müller-Hansen.

Despite its small population (6 million people), Denmark has the fifth largest merchant fleet in the world. Home to shipowner Maersk, the No. 2 global shipping company to temporarily stop crossing the Red Sea, the country is particularly active on maritime security matters.

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