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Florence & Mariel Homes: A 28-unit real estate project in Baie St. Paul

Florence & Mariel Homes: A 28-unit real estate project in Baie St. Paul

A new real estate project of 28 residential units will be implemented in Baie Saint-Paul: Les Maisons des Florence et Marielle. The first phase of eight modules will be reached in November or December. Three buildings housing 5 type housing will be built.

This project is led by Valerie Racine and her wife, who wish to remain anonymous. The city approved the project as a whole and the type of materials used. Developers are waiting for the building permit.

Apartments of 5 types are very rare at the moment in Baie St Paul.

“The demand is there. We already have about fifteen people interested. The first eight leases will be signed within two weeks. We don’t give the cost of the investment, but we want the prices to be affordable. Our goal is for the tenants to stay there as long as possible and for us to have a great project.” We pass it on to our children,” says Valerie Racine, co-owner.

The Florence and Mariel Houses project is named after the couple’s two children.

The three buildings will be built on land on Alfred Morin Street next to Queen’s Nursery. All three phases are expected to be completed in fall 2024 or spring 2025.

They chose to do different projects from others by choosing larger residences. “We always need storage space, and it is also easier for a growing family, for example, to already have 5. Currently, there is almost no offer of housing. We have been working on this project for several years. We believe in it a lot ” Mrs. Racine adds.

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There will be balconies and even an in-ground swimming pool in the second phase. “We want to break even, but our goal is not to offer housing at $ 2,000 per month. It is not our philosophy to make a profit, ”the co-owner specifies.

The promoters would like to thank the Ville de Baie-Saint-Paul team that accompanied them to bring their project to fruition.

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