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FC Barcelona: Xavi taps Australian players - FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona: Xavi taps Australian players – FC Barcelona

Whether Service Came to the bench and proved one thing BarcaHe knows how to raise his voice when needed. Due to his status as a club legend, the former midfielder does not hesitate to redesign his players, but also reveals his ideas to his management.

The latest example of this power Service To do FC Barcelona Happened on Australia When many players complained about this trip to the other side of the world.

Xavi redesigns his players

Just everyday El Periodico It reveals this chapter that says a lot about how Service Manages his locker room. At the end of the season, The FC Barcelona Flew Australia For a friendly match against the local championship All-Star team.

Many players have criticized the club’s decision to go on a long journey after a long season. Service Reacted quickly and called an unusual crowd in the locker room to put points on i. To everyone who was dissatisfied, the coach wanted to remind that this trip to Australia was once used to pay players. Barca Is in a very bad state economically.

For those who do not want to travel, Service The strongest words were: “If you put five million euros out of your pocket on the table, I will take them to the President. We will not go to Australia.” Scolded the man Terrace. Of course, no one signed the check and the trip went as planned.