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FBI Director Sees TikTok as US “National Security Problem”

FBI Director Sees TikTok as US “National Security Problem”

In an interview and broadcast with NBC this Tuesday, April 23, the FBI director said he was “particularly concerned about the risks TikTok presents, given China's well-known strategy.”

The FBI director sees TikTok as a “national security problem” for the US, as the US Congress prepares to vote on legislation to ban the app in the country unless it cuts its ties to China.

The social network is owned by Chinese company Byte Dance, which “has obligations to the Chinese government,” Christopher Wray told NBC News in an exclusive interview the channel plans to air on Tuesday, April 23.

Were millions of Americans spied on?

“When Americans think about TikTok's power, access, (technological) capabilities and control, they should ask themselves what they think about the same power, access, capabilities and control in the hands of TikTok's parent company. of the Chinese government and, ultimately, the Chinese intelligence services,” he described in an NBC press release.

The House of Representatives on Saturday (April 20) approved a major aid package for Ukraine, including funds for Israel, Taiwan and an ultimatum for TikTok. The Senate is expected to adopt the text soon, backed by President Joe Biden and elected officials from both parties.

It also bans the use of short and entertaining videos in the US unless Byte Dance resells its stock. The site has been accused of allowing Beijing to spy on and manipulate 170 million users in the United States.

Christopher Ray said the Chinese government “is trying to steal our artificial intelligence (AI) and hack American technologies every day.”

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The ultra-popular app, which grew exponentially during the pandemic, has been in the crosshairs of US officials for years. Several attempts to ban it under Donald Trump and Joe Biden have failed.

“It is regrettable that the House of Representatives is using significant foreign and humanitarian aid as an excuse to once again pass a proposed ban that violates the free speech rights of 170 million Americans,” a TikTok spokesperson responded before the House vote on Thursday. .


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