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Fantastic hiring bonuses were given to combat the shortage of workers

Fantastic hiring bonuses were given to combat the shortage of workers

If you are looking for a job and attractiveness, go for itAustralia ! The country faces an unprecedented situation: Some employers are willing to pay handsome hiring bonuses to win. Recruitment. In fact, in a later era, there is a severe shortage of manpower in the country. Covid-19.

“We’re looking to hire more than 150 people right away,” explained Bill Dracopoulos, chairman of the 15-person board. Restaurantsat France info. We are ready to offer them 3,500 euros as a hiring bonus. »

The need to “go above and beyond”.

Australia faces a truly unprecedented problem: scarcity workers. Unemployment is currently at 3.5%, the lowest rate in seventy years. The island, which relied on foreign workers for years, is closed its boundaries for two years as part of the Zero Covid-19 strategy.

Hence, the country is now enjoying the results of highly effective health measures. To reboot employmentThe Australian government decided to increase the quota ofImmigration 25% and to welcome 200,000 foreigners every year from 2023.

“It’s a great initiative, Bill Dragopoulos told France Info. But I want them to go further. We will continue to press the government to increase this quota. There will also be a summit on employment in September to resolve the issue between governments and employers.

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