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Exclusion of a peaceful candidate from the Russian presidential elections

Exclusion of a peaceful candidate from the Russian presidential elections

(Moscow) – Russia's electoral commission on Saturday ruled out the presidential candidacy of journalist and former municipal representative Ekaterina Dontsova, who has been campaigning for democracy and an end to the offensive in Ukraine that began nearly two years ago.

Russian television reported that the committee pointed to “errors in the documents” submitted by Ekaterina Dontsova to register her candidacy.

The head of the Commission, Ella Pamfilova, announced that she unanimously rejected the nomination of this forty-year-old woman for the presidential elections next March.

“You are a young woman, and you have your life ahead of you,” M saidI Pamfilova addressing the candidate.

In front of the press, Ekaterina Dontsova quickly expressed her regret at the “sad” decision on the “popular initiative.”

She announced via Telegram her intention to file an appeal “tomorrow” before the Russian Supreme Court. “The matter is not over yet,” she stressed.

But in reality this measure should not succeed, since any candidate who directly opposes Kremlin policy has almost no chance of obtaining permission from the authorities.

Ekaterina Dontsova also asked the leaders of the small liberal Yabloko party to support her candidacy.

Photography by Arden Arkman, AFP

Ekaterina Dontsova

“We cannot stand idly by!” “This is the last legal opportunity for citizens to express their disagreement with the policies pursued by the current authorities.”

“Russians must have a choice!” “, she argued further.

“Thousands of lives depend on your decision,” she said.

In addition, the head of the Electoral Commission indicated, on Saturday, that a total of 29 people had submitted the file to run for the presidency at this stage, including Vladimir Putin.

Mr Putin, in power since 2000 (after being prime minister in 1999), is aiming for a new six-year term in the Kremlin, a formality as opposition has been crushed in recent years through repression that has accelerated since the attack. In Moscow, Ukraine in February 2022.

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