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Equal contracts for men and women in the United States exam

Equal contracts for men and women in the United States exam

The American Football Federation said in a statement on Tuesday that it was offering the same contracts to men and women who play for the U.S. team. “American Soccer believes that everyone involved and the future of the game in the United States is the same pay system for both national teams.”, The federation explained.

They sued their federation

Last week, U.S. football captain Cindy Barlow Cohn said she wanted to equalize the bonuses offered to men and women at the World Cup. In 2019, this was the main demand of players who decided to sue their federation, which they accused of having pay discrimination based on gender. They said they would repay $ 66 million under the Equal Pay and Civil Rights Act. Megan Robino and her teammates said they were not paid fairly compared to the men on the national team.

The federation on Tuesday promised not to sign an agreement “Who wouldn’t take the important step for an equal bonus at the World Cup.” “

Last April, the U.S. women’s team reached an agreement with two-time world champions, the American Federation (American Football) on working conditions. .