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Environmental Quality Act: Hydro-Québec ordered to pay $127,362

Environmental Quality Act: Hydro-Québec ordered to pay $127,362

Hydro-Québec has been ordered to pay $127,362 in fines and costs for three violations of the Environmental Quality Code (LQE) in the context of the construction of an electricity transmission line project between the Grand Substation – Burnt in Mont-Tremblant and the municipality of Ste. – Savior, according to the Laurentians.

Hence, it is alleged that the state company, on three occasions between 15 December 2017 and 31 August 2019, made changes to the activities for which it had obtained a license that were not approved by the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change Control, Wildlife and Parks.

These developments concerned work areas and tracks with embankments on the banks of waterways and in peat wetlands, the ministry explained on Friday in a press release.

Hydro-Québec was therefore ordered on December 20 to pay a fine of $60,000 and repay applicable fees and contributions, in the amount of $67,362, for a total of $127,362.

In total, 22 notices of non-compliance were sent to Hydro-Québec as well as two contractors under the Environmental Quality Authority, and two further penalties of $5,000 and $10,000 were imposed on Hydro-Québec for breaching the EQA.

On February 12, 2019, the Ministry issued an order on Hydro-Québec, essentially requiring the state-owned company to halt sediment discharges into wetlands and water bodies potentially affected by the project and to implement appropriate control measures in the territory covered by the construction site.

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