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England welcomes 35 Afghan players

England welcomes 35 Afghan players

The British government is preparing to welcome 35 young footballers from the Afghanistan national junior team, whose country has been threatened by the return of the Taliban and their families to power.

“We are finalizing visas for the Afghanistan women’s soccer team and look forward to welcoming them to the UK soon.”A government spokesman said Monday.

The soldiers, who missed a flight to Kabul in August, fled to Pakistan with their families (130 in total) after the Taliban took power. But they only had a 30 day visa.

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In Afghanistan, they would have been “In a very dangerous situation, their lives are in danger”, The Taliban banned women from playing football, according to the ROKiT Foundation, which helped them escape. Women footballers and their families need to be relocated “In the next two weeks in the UK”, Described the foundation in detail in a press release.