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Salan Holidays releases new version of its Hugh list!

Salan Holidays releases new version of its Hugh list!

The Bretton Tour operator, which has been stationed at both locations for 25 years, is releasing its production by 2022, while the United States is set to reopen its borders.

A product self-propelled tour in Quebec (family activities, deep shelter, wooden house, tent in nature reserve, etc.), a product marked by the appearance of about twenty new products (including an auto tour again) in the deep south (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina) , Mississippi, Tennessee) or a voyage to the borders of the United States to discover the incomparable Alaska.

Salon Holidays also has a tendency to tour in small groups, here too, the share of its innovations. Participants in the “Louisiana and Florida” tour will no longer have any secrets to the South, so those who like the atmosphere of the big cities of the Northeast (like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, etc.) can do so. Tour in 9 days. Finally, for the undecided, the essential “Canada / USA” is delivered in 14 days, in different formulas.

American West, Route 66, Las Vegas area on a motorcycle with a French-speaking guide floating in a hot air balloon, sleeping on an active farm in Texas, watching the sunrise over a volcano in Hawaii or complimenting NBA players at Madison Square Garden: The Salon team has developed many of its projects but .

Tailor made trips, city spaces, auto doors, integrated, rounds and Hugh! Discover all new versions of the list Click hereI.

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