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England: No more automatic checkouts for these supermarkets

England: No more automatic checkouts for these supermarkets

After six years of implementing self-checkouts at its branches, British grocer Booths has chosen to take a step back and bring staff back.

Consequently, the company intends to remove this technology from 25 out of its 27 supermarkets as part of its refurbishment programme, it was reported on Wednesday. grocer. So the goal is to bring cashiers back into stores in order to provide better customer service.

Self-checkouts have allowed merchants to reduce costs associated with customer service in recent years. However, many people expressed their frustration with this system for various reasons, linked for example to the implementation of regulations regarding the purchase of alcohol – which require systematic verification of the customer’s age – or due to frequent technical problems.

“We are not big fans of self-checkouts. We pride ourselves on the excellent customer service we provide, and this cannot be done with a robot,” Booths managing director Nigel Murray told British media.

“If competition drives down prices, we will work to enhance quality,” he added.

However, the company believes it is necessary to maintain self-checkouts at two of its stores, as they can be “fairly busy,” Mr. Murray says.

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