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England: A village invaded by peacocks

England: A village invaded by peacocks


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France 2

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France 2 – A.Bouleis, C.Madini, L.Chevalier, L.Soudre

France Televisions

In England, a small town called Maryport has been overrun by peacocks. These birds have created conflict in the neighborhood between pro and anti peacocks.

Maryport A quiet little town in the north of England has its peace disturbed by new residents: Peacocks. They fight in the courts and streets without any idea of ​​private property. They invite themselves to all the neighbors. “My kids give them crisps and the peacocks love them.”Assuring a woman. These birds have been given the status of invaders. A hotel that closed in 2018 originally housed only three peacocks. Since then, they have proliferated. There will be about thirty of them in the district, viz 1% Its human population.

Two petitions

“I talk to them and they look at me. If I go to my terrace they will defecate on my head. But what a beautiful bird it is!”A local resident testifies. He adapts to their presence. But some of his neighbors are fed up. “Every day from 4am they scream”laments a resident. Peacocks have sown trouble in this village. Citizens clash in petitions. One is to catch them and hand them over to the asylum. Another is to make them thrive. The latter received more support.