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Endings.  Jungle sofa area installed in the nursery

Endings. Jungle sofa area installed in the nursery

“The kindergarten teaching team is pleased to welcome two new teachers this year. Emilie Roussel completes my position as director and is replaced by Benoît Brichet.” It was Armelle Parisot who made the presentation to the teaching team, “whose wish can be summed up in five words: our school, let’s do it together.” , she said. This year, in fact, in close cooperation with parents, students, the P’Tits Bichet Association and the municipality, her project will be to make students work differently by experiencing the educational benefits of school abroad. Thus, the municipality has made arrangements in the courtyard this summer To allow the 92 children in the four classes to fully enjoy their holiday, but also to learn differently in the jungle sofa area built within the school grounds.The line-up consists of Brigitte Fiore-Vuillemin (Small and Medium Sections), Frankie Lutz (Small and Medium Sections), Armelle Droz-Vincent (Medium and Large Sections), Benoît Brichet (Alternate Stand), Emilie Roussel (4/1). Discharge of Management) and Armelle Parisot (Medium and Large Sections). Marilyn Joly, Letitia Ramos and Julie Baverel hold the position of Atsim.

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