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Elon Musk overthrows Barack Obama in the number of subscribers on Twitter

Twitter majority shareholder and CEO Elon Musk is now the platform’s most followed figure, after deposing former US President Barack Obama.

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On Thursday, the businessman was followed by 133.08 million subscribers, compared to 133.04 for the former head of state.

In the one year since announcing his takeover bid for Twitter, Elon Musk has gained more than 50 million subscribers.

In February, the Platformer news site reported that the boiling billionaire prompted Twitter engineers to take measures to enhance the dissemination of his messages on the network.

Under pressure from their boss, these employees modified recommendation filters and mechanically expanded the reach of his tweets, according to Platformer.

Elon Musk and Barack Obama are far ahead of singers Justin Bieber (113 million subscribers), Katy Perry (108) and Rihanna (108), who complete the top five, according to data from the specialized website Social Blade.

Getty Images via AFP

Twitter has announced that all users who have a blue badge, synonymous with certification, but have not signed up for the new paid subscription, Twitter Blue, will forfeit it starting Saturday, April 1.

In an internal letter to company employees, Elon Musk said last week that he valued Twitter at $20 billion, less than half the $44 billion he paid in October to take control of the San Francisco conglomerate.

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