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Elise Gilbolt transformed into a role: white hair and no make-up

Elise Gilbolt transformed into a role: white hair and no make-up

the film One summer time by Louise Archambault will be released in Quebec theaters July 14th.

In the feature film that tells the story of a priest who decides to bring homeless people from Montreal for vacation to the house he just inherited in Bas-du-Fleuve, actress Elise Guilbault plays a nun who has done a lot of humanitarian work.

When I called Elise to offer her the part The director tells us, I told her, “She’s religious, she doesn’t dye her hair, she doesn’t wear make-up… She told me, ‘Yes, I want to do it.'” She dreamed of a role like she embodied it. With all her being, she left her ego at home. »

The actress says she was not shocked when she saw herself in the mirror with completely gray hair. ” Blond and gray compared to skin, something is clear she explained.

I’m flirtatious in life, but when you ask an actor to take on a character that can draw a lot of admiration – because she is [Soeur Monique, son personnage] He really ignores his own tastes, personality, and comfort to help others – he is above and beyond everything. It’s a lesson, this confrontation, so the makeup and everything else didn’t matter. The team set me back in 5-10 minutes. I knew very well that Sister Monique was not serving me, but I had to serve her. She is in the splendor of her nature. »

See photos of this natural transformation below.

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