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Elie Simon, his split from Dieudonné is a 'terrible mess'

Elie Simon, his split from Dieudonné is a ‘terrible mess’



They may have moved away from each other, but Elie Simon and Dieudonné didn’t completely break off communication.

They were only teenagers when they met in the early 80’s. And after ten years, Elie Chamoun And the Diodon Launching their duo and introducing themselves to the public. A withered winning duo in the mid-2000s, when Dieudonné asserted his political convictions more and more. After going through the “50 Minutes Insider” show that aired on Saturday 9 July on TF1, Eli Simon is back for this technical break, but above all a friendly break.

“I feel like a savage mess. I regret he did not remain an artist. He almost became a politician and in somewhat dark areas and I am sorry,” he said facing Nikos Aliagas.

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The person who is currently promoting the movie “Ducobu President!” (July 13 at the cinema) specifies that he’s categorically not angry at his ex for all that: “We call each other sometimes, we see each other, we’ve seen each other not so long ago. I have a feeling he’d like to come back, but I have a feeling he still might. It goes a long way enough.So he probably considers me an employee of humor and as someone who has returned to the orders, in the ranks, but I prefer my place to be honest.

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30 years after their debut, Ellie Simon prefers to keep only the positivity: “I’m sorry we were really fun. But hey, let’s just see the positive. The positive is that we paved the way for a lot of people and for a whole generation of comedians, we’re really a classic, epitome, reference.” ..”

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