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Onzième, Albon est aussi heureux qu

Eleventh, Alban is just as happy as Australia

Of course, Williams Leaving Imola undefeated, he saw Aston Martin take a four-point lead in the match for ninth place in the championship, but the British team was not ridiculous. Alexander Alban It is noteworthy that he is the author of a good comebackEstephan O’Connor At the end of the Sunday Grand Prix.

The turning point in the Thai race came at the start of the race, when Williams was one of the first teams to replace the intermediate tires for the Slicks. A successful race, then Alban found himself ahead Pierre Casley And Lewis Hamilton. Williams Driver was delighted with this new good strategic choice, even if it did not Not paid in MelbourneHas the same taste.

“To be honest, I’m very happy [du résultat]How good it does [le point] In Melbourne “Alban promised. “We increased what we could do. At our speed we passed some cars on the track and we caught them as they came faster than us. This weekend we had a low downforce system. It was not fun for the others, but, for us, it kept us ahead. “

“Things like that, we do not have a fast car, but we use our chances a lot, and I feel ashamed of missing points for a place. But it shows we use opportunities. We do things differently. We’re almost able to do it again.”

Alban filled his glass with his hands with two Grand Prix winners

But once in front of these two drivers, at the wheel of a speeding car, Alban found himself in the awkward position of being hunted. First protected by the absence of TRS, given the wet track at the start, Williams’ driver had to cross the last lap with the possibility of his opponents implementing a straight-line traction reduction system. Would Alban have wanted the whole race to be done without TRS?

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“No, to be honest, I wanted to [le DRS] Come soon “He replied. “I was much faster than the cars six or seven laps ahead, and I knew with our downforce size we could cross them directly through the TRS. It frustrated me. [l’activation] It took time but, of course, when [le DRS] Happened, I thought the opposite! “

As Alban continues to find his bearings in Williams, his recent results are a great source of motivation for him. “I feel very good, I feel very comfortable in the car. I have a lot of confidence behind the wheel. Whatever the conditions, I feel I can hit straight, I feel good. So I hope we can continue to work. I still know the car well, it I’m still looking for a better way to drive and set it up, but for now, it’s a good start.He finished.

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