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Earthquakes, rain and good weather… Will the cat be able to predict the future?  Here's what the science says

Earthquakes, rain and good weather… Will the cat be able to predict the future? Here's what the science says

Cats were especially revered in ancient Egypt (although the animals were very popular with the Egyptians, according to Herodotus' History). In particular, it becomes a symbol of protection by chasing away rats and mice that come to enjoy the crops. It also limited the spread of diseases.

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Animals able to read the future? It is a belief widely spread in the collective consciousness, popular myths and proverbs. For example, we attribute the virtues of weather forecasting to frogs who climb the pitcher's ladder to announce good weather.

Also, if the swallow's flight is low, it is because the atmospheric pressure is heavier due to the atmosphere in the air, and therefore it will definitely rain.

We can also link these instinctive behaviors to this famous sixth sense that animals have, which prompts them to flee a dangerous situation such as a fire or an earthquake.

The cat, a hypersensitive animal

One animal in particular is known to predict rain and good weather: the cat. Real paw meter, if a cat puts its paw behind its ear, it means it's going to rain. In fact, a cat is particularly sensitive to static electricity, a charge that can intensify as a large storm approaches.

We advise you not to take this gesture seriously and just look at the sky to judge for yourself, because cats are also fond of daily grooming.

Expect rain, good weather… and earthquakes

The high sensitivity of cats also helps them detect the slightest change in the environment such as ground vibrations that can prevent the arrival of earthquakes. For example, German scientist Helmut Tribuch published a book in 1984 entitled “When snakes wake up – mysterious signs of earthquakes“.

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He explains that, according to him, the cat will be particularly receptive to electrostatic changes resulting from the friction of rocks, more than other animals, thanks to its sensitivity and the receptors found on its skin.

Geologist Jim Birkeland also claimed in the 1980s that he could predict when an earthquake would occur based on the number of missing cat and dog advertisements in newspapers.

However, these “dissident” theories were never validated by the scientific community, and the prediction of the devastating Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 led to his suspension from his position as Santa Clara County geologist for two months.

However, there are many videos of cats before the earthquake that appear particularly disturbed.

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