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Drafting a top-10 defender: Kent Hughes is really thinking about it

Drafting a top-10 defender: Kent Hughes is really thinking about it

With the NHL Draft approaching, one question on the lips of Montreal Canadiens fans is: Will Kent Hughes be bold enough to draft a defenseman in the top 10 again?

The recent exceptional performance of Zein Parekh, who became the seventh qualified defender in Serie A history to score 30 goals in a single season, is sparking speculation.

General manager Kent Hughes, known for his philosophy of selecting based on the best player available, actually surprised the hockey world by selecting Austrian defenseman David Reinbacher during the Mechkov saga last year.

With a well-equipped potential bank already on the defensive, the question remains: Will he dare take the risk again?

Hughes' mentality, which favors selecting the best player available, could greatly influence his decision.

However, given his selection of Juraj Slavkovski in 2022, despite initial doubts, Hughes confided that he had chosen the player he trusted to be the best in the next three years even if he had not picked the best player at that time.

This prediction seems to be coming true with Slavkovsky's success.

So, if the Canadian finds himself talking in the draft and undisputed attacking talents like Demidov, Lindstrom and Parekh are available, the crucial question that arises is: opt for “sure shots” in attack or succumb to the magic of a defender who knows how to score goals?

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The Canadian's future could depend on the answer to that question, adding an extra dose of excitement to the suspense of the upcoming NHL Draft.

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