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Download free Google Keep for Chrome

Download free Google Keep for Chrome

Google Keep, the note-taking app, finally welcomes new formatting options. Even if it is rather basic, it is very welcome and should bring more clarity.

Google’s note-taking app, Keep, deserves a major improvement! Free, available as a Chrome extension, mobile app (Android, iOS) or accessed via a web browser, it lets you quickly add notes decorated with photos, audio recordings, small drawings, or thematic colors. It’s a centralized online cheat sheet that keeps your notes in one place, so you can find them easily. Plus, because Keep is integrated into the Google Workspace desktop suite, everything syncs to the cloud, so you can find this information from anywhere.

But if it’s easy to use, it can quickly become a real mess with all these reminders, especially since the service doesn’t offer any text formatting. Time is up now! Some users on Twitter spotted several weeks ago in the latest Android 5.23.322.05 app update, new options for text formatting, as Google just announced in blog post. It was time!

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New text formatting options are available

With new formatting options, you can bold, italic, or underline text. You can also choose different header styles, such as H1 and H2. All of these tools are grouped into a new submenu, in the shape of an underlined “A”. Of course, formatting is preserved when text is passed into list mode.

At the moment, these new options are only available for new notes, but support for existing notes is expected to be added soon. The new version of Keep began rolling out on August 24 to all Google Workspace users and those with a personal Google Account, and is rolling out gradually. So it is possible that you will have to wait a few weeks to benefit from it. Note that only Android devices are currently affected by this update.

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Note taking app is full of new features

In Keep, notes can be color-coded so you can find them more easily. You can also set a picture for them to set them apart. Sticky Notes are tiled and displayed in multiple columns. The search engine makes it easy to find. Once they are no longer needed, they can be archived. Finally, Keep has a fairly efficient checklist system.

Recently, Google has added several new features to its note-taking tool. Users were treated to a new home screen widget, as well as the ability to have multiple windows open simultaneously on a single device. Finally, Google is gradually rolling out your document version history so you can see all the changes you’ve made to your notes over time. Let’s hope it continues!