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Donald Trump's weight-loss diet has America questioning it

Donald Trump's weight-loss diet has America questioning it

Donald Trump on January 27, 2024.
Rhonda Churchill / Reuters

While Joe Biden's health has fueled debate, 77-year-old Donald Trump's weight has also been a source of much speculation.

This is the question that roils all of Washington politics. Is Donald Trump on Wegovy, the most popular obesity treatment among Palm Beach stars and billionaires? It is generally accepted that the former president has lost weight at the age of 77. If his doctor's letter is to be believed, it's not just because of the pressure of his legal troubles or the rigors of the election campaign. Dr. Bruce Aronwald “The best» Assures the health of his patient and his existence “Lose weight through improved diet and daily physical activity“. without elaborating. Donald Trump said in an interview on Fox News in late January that he lost “Maybe 6 or 9» kg. “Which way“, the journalist asked. “By the hard way. I have been very busy and haven't been able to eat much“, replied the former president, who is campaigning for the White House. The comments immediately sparked a lot of speculation: could this sudden large kilo loss explain the Republican candidate's slip of the tongue and confusion in recent months?

According to New York Post, we owe this slimming diet to Melania, not Wecovy. And she pushed him to follow a balanced diet and resist pantacrulian buffets Mar-a-lago, his Florida club. “He eats healthy” and “No more sundaes or chocolate cakes with two scoops of vanilla ice cream.”, says the tabloid's source. A feat, because the former president's diet was never the model of a diet. During a McDonald's stop, His favorite restaurantHe said he knew “Menu is better than anyone“. Her typical meal consists of two Big Macs, two filet-o-fishes and a chocolate milkshake, which is over 2,000 calories.

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An obstacle for Trump

Americans' fascination with Trump's waistline is nothing new. In August, social media was ablaze with the thought that we would finally know her true weight. As part of his Georgia charges, he was required to report to the Fulton County Jail and undergo a brief medical examination. But the results were met with skepticism. He weighs 97kg and is 1.90m tall, 11kg and 2.5cm shorter than he declared in court in Manhattan in April! “97? This is a stupid lietweeted anti-Trump political consultant Rick Wilson. Uncharitable Souls paired a photo of the former president with a photo of American football quarterback Lamar Jackson showing the same measurements. The President's silhouette was clearly covered…

If his health is as intriguing as 81-year-old Joe Biden's, Donald Trump has never been more transparent. In 2016, he refused to release his medical evaluation, as all candidates do. At the time he simply released his doctor's letter, which he “promised.”No individual elected to the office of President is in good health“. Dr. Harold Bornstein later admitted that Trump had dictated the letter. In 2018, the White House physician reported that he weighed 108 kilograms, which coincidentally fell short of the “obese” category. When Donald Trump was hospitalized due to Covid in 2020, the severity of his condition was widely recognized by Americans. Covered. The former president's excess weight fell to the delight of comedians and stars.”If you ask me what to do for physical training I will say: 'Run around your body three times and you'll be in great shape,' joked actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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