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Donald Trump must win to save his skin

Donald Trump must win to save his skin

Many of Donald Trump's voters trust him because he will be a brilliant businessman. Are you one of them?

Donald Trump's recent convictions for defamation and fraud will cost him a staggering $440 million. He'll appeal, will you tell me? He does not change anything because he must pay this amount immediately.

According to Forbes magazine and his former lawyer Michael Cohen, the Republican candidate does not have more than $400 million in cash. It therefore cannot cover the total amount of convictions.

There are few options available to him now. One is to find a generous billionaire willing to invest in a candidate who could end up in the White House.

The other option is to dispose of many of its assets. Trump hates giving away his possessions, and what's even more annoying is that he has to sell them at a discount.

no new under the sun

Unless you know the bird, it's no surprise that Trump exaggerates his exploits in the business world. Indeed, by receiving 200 million from his father, he enjoyed a privilege that is not granted to everyone.

The more research you do (documents submitted to court or journalistic investigations), the more quickly you discover the truth about the Godfather of Mar-a-Lago's finances.

In 2020, according to documents he submitted to a New York court, he had only $93 million in cash. A valuation of 400 million in 2024 is generous.

It wasn't just Forbes that investigated Trump, so did the New York Times. Do you know Warren Buffett? He previously told The Times that Trump was a “walking disaster.”

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For a long time, all the Republican candidate knew how to do was sell his name on television or to other entrepreneurs. So don't be surprised if he has to scrape the bottom line to pay his legal bills.

The presidency is about money

Both legally and financially, the most attractive option for Donald Trump is to win the 2024 election. He can thus extend the deadlines for pending trials and maximize profits. He draws from everything around him in the White House, as he did during his first term.

The only verifiable reputation surrounding Trump is that he is a terrible liar and fraud. It was true of the bankers, it was true of his foundation, it was true of the so-called “Trump University,” and it was true of the value of his assets.

The former president previously stated that he wants to win for revenge, and he also wants him to pay off his debts and avoid prison. Are we making America great again? Saving his skin would be fairer.