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Do aliens exist?  US intelligence can't decide

Do aliens exist? US intelligence can’t decide

US intelligence said in a long-awaited report on Friday that there was no evidence of extraterrestrials, while acknowledging that dozens of phenomena witnessed by military pilots could not be explained.

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“There is probably no single explanation” for these phenomena, notes this report published by the National Director of Intelligence Services.

“We do not currently have enough information in our databases to attribute these incidents to specific causes,” he adds.

In this report listing incidents that occurred between 2004 and 2021, US intelligence agencies admit that there is no explanation for more than 140 phenomena. But they say all the information collected remains “largely inconclusive”.

Of the 144 incidents studied, only one can be explained. It was a large balloon deflated.

Eighteen of them exhibited unusual movements or flight characteristics that surprised those who observed them.

Threats or Unidentified Flying Objects

Some can be explained by the presence of drones or birds causing confusion in the US military’s radar systems. Others may result from tests of military equipment or technologies by other powers, such as China or Russia.

American intelligence services fear, for example, that China or Russia is testing hypersonic technologies, which move at 10 or even 20 times the speed of sound, and are highly maneuverable, according to the media.

Curiosity about these phenomena was heightened by the publication last year of videos taken by US Navy pilots, which showed encounters in flight with what appeared to be unidentified flying objects (UFOs). One of these videos is from November 2004 and the other two are from January 2015.

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After decades of secrecy, Congress ordered the executive branch to brief the public on the activities of the Pentagon unit it was tasked with studying.

The report does not explicitly mention the possibility of these phenomena being related to extraterrestrial life. But he doesn’t rule it out either.

The US military and intelligence are primarily concerned with determining whether these phenomena are related to threats to the United States.

“These unknown weather phenomena raise questions about aviation safety and the national security of the United States,” the report says.

According to Mark Warner, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the number of such incidents has tended to increase since 2018.

«Ce rapport qui n’apporte pas de conclusion claire n’est que le commencement d’efforts destinés à expliquer ce qui cause des risques pour l’aviation dans de nombreuses zones du pays et du monde», at-il dit dans statement.

“The United States must be able to understand and reduce the threats to our pilots, whether they come from drones, weather balloons, or our adversaries’ intelligence capabilities,” he added.