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Djokovic, The "Cruelty" of Refugee and Australian Migration Procedures

Djokovic, The “Cruelty” of Refugee and Australian Migration Procedures

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic’s misadventures in Australia shed light on methods “Kofkesk” In terms of refugee reception and border management, says the country’s newspaper.

Sangeeta Pillai, of the Calder International Refugee Law Center at the University of New South Wales, has found that the Australian government made a double mistake in the rivalry between her and Novak Djokovic. Sydney Morning Herald : “Australia’s handling of Djokovic’s dissatisfaction with giving the world a bad image of our country reveals serious problems with our migration policy and practices.

“Before boarding a flight to Australia, passengers have the right to request clear information about the conditions of entry into the country. The lawyer writes. People should approach a lawyer before being detained or deported and nothing should be done to prevent them from benefiting from it. […] The visas of asylum seekers at Australian airports, or persons believed to be planned, have been revoked by customs officials. Like Djokovic, they were arrested […]. But unlike him, many are often deported in complete secrecy and without access to justice. And for them, deportation means that their physical integrity must be returned to a place where even their lives are in danger.. “

Despite being rejected by a federal judge, the Australian government still has the power to revoke a Serbian soldier’s visa. On Monday, Novak Djokovic released the center where he had been staying since January 6th. According to 9 News of Australia, The Park Hotel has been used as a temporary detention center for about fifty refugees since 2020. “Many of these people are applying for visas to stay in Australia.” Some have been detained for months or even years.

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