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The United States, the United Kingdom and Norway are pushing for more transparency in Juba

The United States, the United Kingdom and Norway are pushing for more transparency in Juba

(Agence Ecofin) – South Sudan has faced pressure from a number of international partners to implement reforms for greater transparency in the management of public revenue. But the announced changes are delayed.

The United States, the United Kingdom and Norway, South Sudan’s major donors, have called on Juba to continue to release data on operations, contracts and oil revenues to promote greater transparency in the sector. The letter was sent to the East African government on January 8 and its contents were released on January 10. East African.

As for donors, this maneuver will strengthen efforts for better management of public funds. It should be noted that since 2011, since independence, the country has been guided by an administrator who maintains a high degree of ambiguity in data, including data from the oil sector. A pro-fraud and anti-corruption environment that weakens public finance and budget financing.

“We urge that tax data, especially on oil revenues, be published regularly and without delay on the website of the Ministry of Finance and Planning.”, Mention donors in the letter.

The coalition added that the issue of transparency in managing public revenue would allow the downturn to address difficulties associated with inflation and that this would be an impediment to domestic consumption and growth.

“Good monetary policy is essential to maintain low inflation and a stable exchange rate, which are two factors that will help protect the people of South Sudan against rising prices.”, Refers to the letter.

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